Portfolio Companies

If your portfolio company is missing from this page, or if you are the lead for a company and have an updated bio, website, or logo that you would like for us to include, please email us at southwestpdc@bcm.edu. Thank you!

Hera Biotech
Hera Biotech is developing and commercializing the world’s 1st non-surgical test for definitive diagnosis and staging of endometriosis.
Star Harness (UArk Biodesign)
Star Harness at University of Arkansas Biodesign is creating a harness for infants with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) that is comfortable, easier for the parents to use, and price comparable to the leading model.
Vascular Perfusion Solutions, Inc
Vascular Perfusion Solutions is working on a perfusion device intended to extend the viability of pediatric hearts longer than the standard of care.
PigPug Health
PigPug Health is transforming child mental health with AI-powered neurofeedback for kids with ADHD and autism
AmpliPharm, LLC
AmpliPharm is creating a device that dispenses an accurate dose of solid oral granule medications for pediatric patients.
BioLum Sciences, LLC
BioLum Sciences specializes in bioanalytical chemistry & assay development for chronic disease. BioLum's novel chemiluminescence provides a ‘window into the body,’ by measuring biomarkers relating to cardiovascular, respiratory and other inflammatory diseases.
PeriCor, LLC was founded with the primary mission to provide minimally invasive alternatives to infants, children and adults who require interventions including pacemakers, defibrillators or cardiac ablation procedures.
Sunny is a a self care brand that simplifies your period and saves the planet with the Sunny Cup + Applicator. The Sunny Cup + Applicator is the reusable period cup that inserts like a tampon, while combining the sustainable, cost-saving, and body benefits of a period cup.
KidTech, Inc
KidTech is working to develop a safe and highly effective lightweight baby-friendly mobile phototherapy system which allows continuous treatment without interruptions of breastfeeding and parent-child bonding.
Trexo Robotics
Trexo Robotics provides wearable robotic gait-training for children with disabilities, enabling them to experience walking in a stable and independent way, leading to improved physical, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive function, as well as enhanced quality of life.
EpiSLS is revolutionizing the way the world treats allergies by providing point-of-care technology that any healthcare provider can initiate in any setting and complete with results in hand in 30 minutes or less.
Pawper Tape
The PAWPER tape is an advanced weight estimation system for children and adolescents. It is easy to use and can rapidly provide estimates of total and ideal body weight. It is designed for emergency care, to be used with a comprehensive drug dosing guide.
Hyperline is working to reduce the risk of post-insertion catheter-related bloodstream infections.
Limbix is on a mission to make mental health treatment accessible to young people.. SparkRx is a digital therapeutic intended to provide a neurobehavioral intervention to patients 13 to 21 years of age to treat depression.
Ember Sleep
Ember Sleep is creating the next generation medical device to treat sleep apnea. This device is comfortable, effective, and non-invasive.
Neurastasis is helping patients suffering from acute ischemic stroke to reduce long-term symptoms through neurostimulation.
Integrated Molecular Innovations
Integrated Molecular Innovations is developing cutting-edge biowearable devices that continuously monitor hormone levels in the interstitial fluid.
SMöLTAP is an innovative positioning cradle that secures an infant in a consistent position for a tap. The solution is a compelling response to a frustrating need that can improve procedural stress for the infant and team.
Butterfly Home Care Health Services, LLC
Butterfly Home Care Health Services, LLC is working on a heart device for ADHD individuals (children) to help access their heart rate and readjust their focus and attention.
The Periscope aims to reduce the incidence of mucosal trauma during gastrointestinal procedures requiring the use of a duodenoscope (e.g. ERCPs).
Anvil Diagnostics
Anvil Diagnostics recently spun out of Rice University and is mining sequencing data to design extremely efficient assays to profile up to thousands of DNA targets. They are focused on infectious diseases given the wealth of available data and highly time-sensitive use cases.
Aurelia Vitals (Neonatal)
Aurelia Vitals is working on a wireless monitoring system of neonatal vital signs for early warnings for sepsis.
Texas Children's Hospital Fetal Center
Texas Children's Hospital Fetal Center is in the early stages of prototyping an off-the-shelf fetoscope for use during prenatal intrauterine surgery for major birth defects.
Neonatal Rescue
Neonatal Rescue is a non-profit organization that provides complete respiratory solutions to neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) around the world. They work with local organizations, charities, and donors to provide innovative devices and training that help save the lives of premature and sick newborns.
The Sonura Beanie was designed to protect newborns from high-frequency & intensity noise exposure in the NICU while promoting neurodevelopment through the transmission of parental audio messages.
Atrility Medical
Atrility Medical is developing the AtriAmp which facilitates the monitoring and treatment of atrial arrhythmias by providing a continuous atrial electrogram.
Momentum Health Inc.
Momentum Health is a digital health platform for remote 3D Management of Scoliosis & Other Deformities.
Advanced TeleSensors Inc.
Advanced Telesensors developed Cardio/i which uses advanced radar technology and proprietary machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms to sense heart rate and breath rate in real-time, sending alerts when an abnormal event occurs.
Earflo Inc.
Designed as a sippy cup, the EarFlo medical device is designed to non-invasively treat Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) in order to prevent developmental delay earlier and avoid surgery.
Rapid Warm and Preserve Technology
Rapid Warm and Preserve Technology (UT) is developing a device to warm breast milk rapidly and precisely to the temperature of expressed milk to maximize baby satisfaction and nutrient acquisition.
Hoth Intelligence
Hoth Intelligence believes augmented reality will change the future of medicine. They are developing transformative software that improves healthcare for providers, patients, and their loved ones around the world.
Face Therapy App
The Face Therapy App provides a therapeutic and interactive game-based experience for patients with paralysis to improve their muscle strength, range of motion, and overall facial function.
Baby's Breath
Baby’s Breath is intended to be used to prevent oral thrush, germs, and bacteria in children’s mouths.
MiraHeart noninvasively monitors central venous pressure, a crucial metric in pediatric heart failure care, for better-informed medication management.
Baby BioSignals
Baby BioSignals developed Miro-Baby Sense which can detect markers of motor delay toward early detection of ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders at home.
SpineX Inc.
SpineX is a clinical-stage bioelectric MedTech company, committed to improving the lives of people with neurological conditions by restoring day-to-day function through non-invasive neuromodulation.
Gabi SmartCare
Gabi SmartCare is an AI-powered, cloud-based platform which processes and structures collected data, detects health events, and gives healthcare professionals a real-time, personalized, and predictive health assessment report.
Mendability LLC
Mendability is a digital platform for Sensory Enrichment Therapy (SET), benefiting patients with developmental disorders.
PortaVision Medical LLC
PortaVision focuses on the unique challenges of caring for fragile, immobile, or remote-location patients that are underserved by traditional mobile C-Arm systems.
Neuro Solutions Group
Neuro Solutions Group is developing healthcare technology solutions designed to empower children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their parents. Their stand-alone solution, Kairos, provides parental guidance and helps children develop skills while monitoring behavior and medication information.
Tippit is developing an umbilical venous access catheter for infusing fluids.
Deft Medical
Deft Medical allows for easier needle placement in any procedure by tracking the needle position against an ultrasound image in real time.
EnOPrep provides a sealed system for safely crushing and dissolving solid medications at the point of care for oral and enteral administration. Medication loss is negligible, and caregivers are protected from airborne drug exposure.
SyNAPS is launching a line of functional headwear for young children with cochlear implants. SyNAPS headwear supports the performance of the cochlear implant by holding the processor(s) in place, enabling uninterrupted access to sound during a child’s most critical period of brain development.
PFRx is developing a portable, easy-to-use, affordable home biofeedback device that captures the patient’s attention through gamification to address the goals of bowel and bladder dysfunction in the privacy of the child’s home.
Bead-Wire Dexterity Test Device
Bead-Wire Dexterity Test Device is a wearable band for infants with CHD to track vitals
Advanced Optronics, LLC
Advanced Optronics is developing a guidance system for cochlear implantation to improve hearing outcomes.
Longhorn Life Sciences
Longhorn Life Sciences is a MedTech company whose mission is to develop needs-driven medical technology that will improve patient experiences and outcomes.
Blow by Oxygen
The Blow By Oxygen Foundation is developing low-cost oxygen delivery systems for children and disabled individuals with pulmonary hypertension.
XN Health
XN Health is treating diaphragmatic atrophy on patients on ventilators by stimulating the diaphragm
Rx Bandz
Rx Bandz created MiniJect®, a transformative drug delivery platform, and the world’s smallest wearable, durable, cost-effective auto-injector. This technology will be a game-changing solution for children who need to carry injectable medication.
CurieDx is an AI-based remote screening of strep throat or UTIs for telehealth.
Bivacor is developing a long-term therapy for patients with severe heart failure. It is an implantable artificial heart based on rotary blood-pump technology.
Compact Medical Inc.
Compact Medical is on a mission to revolutionize bag-valve-masks with the Butterfly BVM, the first BVM designed to be able to precisely deliver adjustable volumes and peak inspiratory pressures to patients of all sizes.
Pedia-Dose is a mobile application that helps parents and caregivers accurately dose over-the-counter medication for their children, track dosing frequency, set dosing reminders at recommended intervals, and track common symptoms of an illness.
Southwest Neuroendovascular Technologies
Southwest Neuroendovascular Technologies is developing a single Lumen Pressure Cooker (SLPC) microcatheter for cerebral arteriovenous malformations.
RWE Projects
RWE Projects is developing a toothbrush to prevent oral thrush, germs and bacteria in babies and children’s mouths.
IndepENEMA is developing an adaptive assist device for children and adolescents with neurogenic bowel and fecal incontinence.
Solenic Medical Inc.
Solenic Medical Inc. is developing an innovative non-invasive treatment for infected metallic implants in the body.
Gogoband Inc.
Gogoband's patented system is the world’s first AI/ML predictive solution that alerts a child and parent before a bedwetting accident occurs, keeps them dry, and accelerates a child’s recognition of their bladder-full signal faster and deeper than anything available in the market today.
Anuncia Inc.
Anuncia's ReFlow System helps patients with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) disorders, such as hydrocephalus, that require draining or shunting the CSF.
Actuated Medical Inc.
The TubeClear System, which uses a mechanical method to clear clogged EADs, is comprised of a reusable Control Box paired with a single-use Clearing Stem.
OtoNexus Medical Technologies
OtoNexus Medical Technologies’ state-of-the-art advanced ultrasound otoscope analyzes the presence and type of effusion so that primary care pediatricians can instantly and accurately assess middle ear infections.
Neurava's technology records key biological signals related to epilepsy and SUDEP with wireless alert sent to caregivers allowing preventative action.
Blue Comet Medical Solutions LLC
Blue Comet Medical Solutions LLC is creating a non-invasive, user-friendly medical device to allow a non-clinician to test for the presence of Strep throat.
Luminoah is on a mission to revolutionize the enteral feeding market with a wearable system that combines durable medical equipment, consumable nutrition pouches, and remote patient monitoring to optimize compliance and clinical outcomes.
Vivifi Medical LLC
Vivifi Medical is developing the first suture-less laparoscopic device that would allow for quick coupling of two blood vessels together, for treatment of varicocele, male infertility and nutcracker syndrome. The device can also reduce robotic vascular surgery procedure times that currently use suturing.
EvoEndo is developing a single-use endoscope system enabling completely unsedated upper endoscopy for children and adults.
EpiWatch Inc
EpiWatch is an integrated digital health platform for people with epilepsy. They reduce the burden of the disease and provide safety and peace of mind to children and young adults with epilepsy and their caregivers.
PLEGS: Pediatric Lower Extremity Gait System
The PLEGS device gives children with walking disabilities a low cost, reliable, and easy-to-use assistive and rehabilitation technology that provides walking assistance and gait therapy for use at the clinic and at home.
MSTATT LLC | Lighthanded Enterprises
Lighthanded’s otoscope enables pediatricians to detect OME with up to 90% accuracy, with a simple and low-cost solution.
Intubation Assist Device (BCM)
The Intubation Assist Device assists in LMA-ETT exchange under direct visualization using a fiberoptic scope. There is a critical need in pediatric airways due to their acuity, the smaller size of the airway, and smaller equipment, therefore offering far less margin for error.
Refreshable Biosensors for Continuous Renal Function Monitoring
Refreshable Biosensors for Continuous Renal Function Monitoring's long-term goal is to transform kidney disease treatment by developing a fully wireless, miniaturized, multifunctional biosensor that can be directly interfaced to a urinary catheter or the internal surface of patient bladder.
Renata Medical
Renata is developing an adjustable stent that has been purposefully designed for pediatrics to last a lifetime. The device’s initial size at birth is less than 2 millimeters in diameter and can expand greater than 20 millimeters in diameter as the patient grows.
Epitel’s Epilog is a wearable, wireless, discreet EEG sensor. which enables universal access to medical-grade, remote EEG monitoring.
PREEMIEr Diagnostics, LLC
PREEMIEr Diagnostics' technology will help predict which preterm infants are at risk of glucose-related morbidities (such as retinopathy of prematurity). This will allow for early intervention of glucose control to help prevent such disorders.
Tremedics Medical Devices, LLC
Tremedics manufactures a bioresorbable stent, Illusicor, that is designed to treat the coarctation of the aorta and manage aortic growth.
Relavo is changing the way kidney failure patients receive treatment by making home dialysis safer and more accessible.
Glimpse Diagnostics (COHI Group)
Glimpse believes that by diagnosing ear exams accurately from home, Glimpse can give moms and kiddos, and society what they deserve.
HERO Medical Technologies
HERO Medical Technologies is developing a cap-shaped rapidly applied hemorrhage-control HERO “Smart” Bandage and mobile app that leverages artificial intelligence to automate vital signs and patient monitoring.
PhotoniCare has received US FDA clearance for the OtoSight Middle Ear Scope, an ear exam device that uses near-infrared light (optical coherence tomography, or OCT) to uniquely see behind the eardrum, which is vital for accurate diagnosis of ear infections and judicious use of antibiotics.
The Bio-Zipper is a surgical device that reinforces extensive suture lines in LUTR to decrease the total rate of post-operative complications & readmissions by 20%.
Starling Medical
Starling Medical helps to identify and predict chronic health exacerbations of patients earlier at home to activate preventive care measures in an non-emergent setting. This vastly improves outcomes and costs for the whole system.
Prapela, Inc.
Prapela is introducing breakthrough technology that helps babies breathe.
Spark Biomedical
Spark Biomedical developed the Sparrow Therapy System™ — the first FDA-cleared, drug-free, personalized, wearable solution for opioid withdrawal relief backed by evidence from a double-blind, randomized controlled clinical trial targeting patients with opioid use disorder.
Rhaeos is developing a FlowSense device, a wearable non-invasive patch that looks like a bandage and which can provide data on flow through a shunt.
PyrAmes Inc.
PyrAmes is a clinical-stage company developing wearable devices to continuously and non-invasively monitor the blood pressure of patients of all ages, ranging from newborns to seniors.
Invictus Medical, Inc.
Invictus is developing the Neoasis accessory to reduce noise levels within an infant incubator in the NICU.
Vax-Immune Diagnostics
Vax-Immune Diagnostics' LabReady’s Enriched Specimen Transport ™ is a radical new way to diagnose infections faster, more accurately, in the lab, at the point of care, and soon the home.
BreviTest Technologies, Inc.
Brevitest is developing a rapid, accurate, and portable immunoassay platform enabling it to offer diagnostics services at the point of care.
Abilitech Medical
Abilitech Medical creates assistive devices to aid those with upper-limb neuromuscular conditions or injuries in functional activities associated with home, community, and work. The Abilitech™ Assist helps people use their arms to live more independently and complete activities of daily living.
Cystomanometer and Cystoelastometer (UI)
Cystomanometer and Cystoelastometer monitors at-home bladder pressures +/- bladder volumes in patients using catheterization for their neurogenic bladder. This will result in improved health care and prevention of kidney and bladder damage.
Global Continence LLC
Global Continence has developed a novel technology that intercepts a bedwetting (enuresis) episode with transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) methodology that overrides and curtails the episode with a neuromodulation signal.
Noninvasix, Inc.
Noninvasix will be the first to non-invasively monitor central venous saturation and the severity of sepsis and septic shock, enabling clinicians to diagnose and monitor the response to treatment of tissue hypoxia in real-time.
Strados Labs Inc.
The Strados RESP provides remote patient access by unlocking lung sound data and putting it into the hands of the entire clinical team via the cloud.
Vaginal Stents (HerStent)
HerStent is a novel degradable & resorbable vaginal stent designed to prevent vaginal fibrosis following surgery for female adolescent patients & post-radiation vaginal stenosis for adult patients.
CorInnova is developing the world’s first minimally invasive, non-blood contacting cardiac assist device for acute heart failure treatment.
PolyVascular’s aim is to transform the care of children with congenital heart disease by developing an entirely new generation of valves made of medical-grade polymer devoid of any biological tissue and extending the time between open-heart surgeries.