Past Winners

Luminoah (AAP SOATT, 2022)

Charlottesville, VA

The enLumin from Luminoah is a portable, intuitive, and connected device for enteral nutrition in pediatric patients that require tube feeding. The system includes 3 main components: the enLumin Enteral Feeding Pump, the enLumin Daily Administration Set, and the enLumin Smartphone Application.

PyrAmes (AAP SOATT, 2022)

Cupertino, CA

The Boppli by PyrAmes is a non-invasive wearable device for neonatal ICU patients for continuous blood pressure monitoring with minimal skin contact and serves as an alternative to arterial catheters and inflatable cuffs. Clinical studies in pediatric patients are ongoing.

Glimpse Diagnostics, LLC (AAP SOATT, 2022)

Arden Hills, MN

Glimpse is a combined hardware and software solution for enabling telehealth treatment at home for pediatric ear infections that accommodates anatomy and specific needs for eardrum visualization.

Global Continence Inc. (AAP SOU, 2022)

Atlanta, GA

Global Continence Inc. has developed a novel technology for children, called Soluu™, that intercepts a bedwetting (enuresis) episode with transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) methodology that overrides and curtails the episode with a neuromodulation signal.

Advanced Optronics (RBPC, 2022)

Carnegie Mellon University

Advanced Optronics is a cochlear implant which empowers surgeons with the ability to perform less traumatic insertions and preserve residual hearing.

EpiSLS (RBPC, 2022)

University of Michigan

EpiSLS is developing a novel allergy diagnostic with improved accuracy, speed, that requires less specialized training to perform.

XN Health (TNVC, 2022)

Houston, TX

XN Health is developing a therapeutic device to prevent and combat the progression of diaphragmatic atrophy in mechanically ventilated patients. Their novel approach provides phrenic nerve stimulation to induce diaphragm contractions to help patients maintain the strength of their respiratory muscles in turn improving ventilator wean times.

Tremedics (TNVC, 2022)

North Richland Hills, TX

Tremedics innovates and leads the way for bioresorbable stent technology to improve the lives of children. Their mission is to develop bioresorbable stents for congenital heart disease. Congenital heart disease patients need devices that resorb within their body as they grow.

P-LEGS (SWSW, 2021)

University of Houston

Mobility assistance device for children with walking disabilities to improve their lower extremity gait

Starling Medical (SWSW, 2021)

Houston, TX

Non-surgical urinary incontinence urethral valve device while maintaining safe pressures for children with neurogenic bladder

Neurava (RBPC, 2021)

Purdue University

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) detection device and algorithm for pediatric patients with refractory epilepsy

Blue Comet Medical Solutions (RBPC, 2021)

Northwestern University

Diagnostic device for home diagnosis of strep throat in pediatric patients

HERO Medical (TNVC, 2021)

Houston, TX

Cap-shaped, rapidly-applied hemorrhage-control “smart” bandage for injuries that also includes vital signs and patient monitoring

Solenic (TNVC, 2021)

College Station, TX

Non-invasive medical device using alternating magnetic fields to eradicate biofilms on metallic implants in the body to treat and prevent infections as well as retain patient mobility without surgery

GoGoBand (AAP SOU, 2021)

Yale University

Biometric, artificial intelligence and machine-learning powered wearable bedwetting alarm

IndepENEMA (AAP SOATT, 2021)

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Adaptive assist device for children and adolescents with neurogenic bowel and fecal incontinence

Biosense (SXSW, 2020)

Beverly Hills, MI

Wireless EKG and heart rate monitoring device in children and adults that connects to existing display monitors in the ICU and other areas of the hospital

Checkable Medical (SXSW, 2020)

Eden Prairie, MN

Home-based diagnostic testing for detection of group A streptococcus in pediatric patients with sore throat

Pyrames (SXSW, 2020)

Cupertino, CA

Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring of neonates with minimal skin contact

Zuturis (SXSW, 2020)

Kansas City, MO

Skin closure device that allows for rapid, precise skin closure in children and adults without traumatizing the skin

Relavo (RBPC, 2020)

Johns Hopkins University

Working to reduce the risk of infection associated with home peritoneal dialysis (PD) by disinfecting potentially contaminated PD connection points after connections have been made

Slumberflow (RBPC, 2020)

University of Michigan

Developing a device that stents open the nasopharyngeal airway in order to treat obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that impacts many children

HiPR Innovation (TNVC, 2020)

Laredo, TX

Intelligent pressure management system for the prevention of pressure ulcers in pediatric and adult wheelchair-dependent patients

VeraDermics (TNVC, 2020)

San Antonio, TX

Immunotherapy-based Dissolvable Microneedle Patch for the treatment of pediatric warts and molluscum contagiosum

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