Portfolio Companies

D3Innovations is a medical device startup focused on improving the health and well being Pediatric patients everywhere. The “In-Spiral Ball” (ISB) Pediatric IS is a one of a kind device that categorically addresses and solves major design and functionality flaws that plague current models today. The ISB utilizes patent pending spiral technology in a fun and playful game-type atmosphere to achieve the proper technique of Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI) without the patient being aware of what proper technique is. The difference will be a fun and intuitive quantum leap in efficacy and improved lung function. LEARN MORE

Thermocuff is a first-in-class portable heating/cooling that uses a patented airflow convection technology. The device safely affects temperature of deeper tissue layers by introducing or removing heat of the joint. Computer learning algorithms will allow the tablet camera to read range of motion and input pain to assess progression. The technology is potentially disruptive to the cold and heat therapy market and the technology is potentially disruptive to the cold and heat therapy market and the technology has potential for other applications such as safe whole-body cooling following traumatic brain injuries and distal cooling for chemo related pain. LEARN MORE

Rx Bandz created MiniJect®, a transformative drug delivery platform and the worlds’ smallest wearable, durable, cost-effective auto-injector. MiniJect® is less than 2.5″ long and designed to deliver a wide range of injectable medications. MiniJect easily attaches to items carried most to increase patient compliance. This technology will be a game-changing solution for children who need to carry injectable medication. LEARN MORE



Longhorn Life Sciences. Longhorn Life Sciences is a MedTech company whose mission is to develop needs-driven medical technology that will improve patient experiences and outcomes. LEARN MORE

Advanced Optronics, LLC. Advanced Optronics is developing a guidance system for cochlear implantation to improve hearing outcomes. LEARN MORE

INIA Biosciences. LEARN MORE

Pediatric Acoustic Analysis of Airway and Swallowing Sounds. LEARN MORE

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