Portfolio Companies

Meet GOGO Band, the world’s most advanced solution designed to help keep your child dry and stop bedwetting for good. LEARN MORE

Solenic Medical Inc. is a medical device company developing an innovative non-invasive treatment for infected metallic implants in the body. LEARN MORE

With Wavely Diagnostic’s app, a standard mobile phone can tell if there is fluid in the ear that requires squeezing in a doctor visit, or if medication won’t help. With Wavely, you can be sure to treat every ear ache right. LEARN MORE

The Hyperhand provides moderate, comfortable support of the hand and wrist, post injury or surgery. LEARN MORE

ConRad thermal blanket is designed with two functional options, one for use in MRI and a General Use blanket, to be used immediately after induction of anesthesia to protect your patients against heat loss. LEARN MORE

TestCard creates at-home testing that provides immediate results at a low cost. TestCard is a combination of non-invasive, postcard-sized urine test kits, and a mobile phone app that turns your phone’s camera into a clinical grade scanner. LEARN MORE

Pedia-Dose is a mobile application that helps parents and caregivers accurately dose over-the-counter medication for their children, track dosing frequency, set dosing reminders at recommended intervals, and track common symptoms of an illness. By virtue of a shared child profile, everyone involved with the care of a child stays up to date at all times. LEARN MORE

Delfina creates intelligent pregnancy care solutions to empower pregnant patients and their clinicians to have healthier outcomes. LEARN MORE

Compact Medical is on a mission to revolutionize bag-valve-masks with the Butterfly BVM, the first BVM designed to be able to precisely deliver adjustable volumes and peak inspiratory pressures to patients of all sizes. LEARN MORE

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