Portfolio Companies

The TubeClear System, which uses a mechanical method to clear clogged EADs, is comprised of a reusable Control Box paired with a single-use Clearing Stem. LEARN MORE

The Bio-Zipper is a surgical device that reinforces extensive suture lines in LUTR to decrease the total rate of post-operative complications & readmissions by 20%.

EvoEndo is driving the evolution of innovative pediatric endoscopy by allowing diagnostic upper endoscopies to be performed safely and quickly in children without the use of general anesthesia. LEARN MORE

Karios Technologies is hydrogel company focused on using our platform in areas of large need in medicine and surgery. LEARN MORE

Luminoah is a medical device company dedicated to improving the lives of people requiring enteral feeding.

SafeBoardTM is a FDA-registered, Class 1, extremity stabilization device designed to assist in the placement of PICC lines and IV catheters in neonates and children. The device avoids the use of medical adhesives and their associated adverse reactions and uses gentle pressure, similar to that of a blood pressure cuff, to safely stabilize the extremity. LEARN MORE

Blue Comet Medical Solutions. We are creating a non-invasive, user-friendly medical device to allow a non-clinician to test for the presence of Strep throat. LEARN MORE

N1 records key biological signals related to epilepsy and SUDEP with wireless alert sent to caregivers allowing preventative action. LEARN MORE

OtoNexus Medical Technologies’ state-of-the-art advanced ultrasound otoscope analyzes the presence and type of effusion so that primary care pediatricians can instantly and accurately assess middle ear infections. LEARN MORE

The ReFlow System helps patients with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) disorders, such as hydrocephalus, that require draining or shunting the CSF. LEARN MORE

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