Portfolio Companies

Ben-Guard Healthcare Systems LLC is a pediatric medical device company that has created a new category of wearable catheter securement with two categories of patented products. LEARN MORE

The ApolloBVM is an automated bag valve mask (BVM) device utilizing off-the-shelf components to provide safe and continuous hospital-grade mechanical ventilation for COVID-19 patients on an open-source basis. LEARN MORE

Pediametrix advocates for empowered parents & pediatric clinicians no matter where they are through smart digital health solutions for pediatric care. LEARN MORE

We believe that by diagnosing ear exams accurately from home, Glimpse can give moms and kiddos, and society what they deserve. LEARN MORE

PhotoniCare has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance to market its OtoSight Middle Ear Scope. OtoSight is a patented hand-held device that uses near-infrared light waves (optical coherence tomography, or OCT) to provide a uniquely important view of the tissue of the middle ear behind the eardrum. LEARN MORE

HiPR is developing an intelligent pressure management system focused on empowering wheelchair users, caregivers, and health professionals with valuable data points in order to optimize pressure ulcer prevention. LEARN MORE

Relavo is changing the way that kidney failure patients receive treatment by making home dialysis safer and more accessible. LEARN MORE

LacNation enhances the quality and production of nutritional options for infants through scientific and social innovation. LEARN MORE

Tremedics manufactures a bioresorbable stent, Illusicor, that is designed for treatment of coarctation of the aorta to manage aortic growth. LEARN MORE

Erchonia is the world leader in the field of LLLT technology dedicated to producing safe, effective solutions designed for chiropractors, physical therapists, health clinics and veterinarians worldwide. LEARN MORE

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