Portfolio Companies

At Starling we’re bringing the future of a proactive and predictive home based healthcare system to patients today.

In our vision, we will identify and predict chronic health exacerbations of patients earlier at home so we can activate preventive care measures in an non-emergent setting vastly improving outcomes and costs for the whole system.

Our team of serial entrepreneurs, engineers, and clinicians are building the next generation of medical products at the intersection of hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. We develop these next generation products to improve the lives of chronic care patients by passively monitoring changes in their urine over time with our AI and care team infrastructure. LEARN MORE

Convenient and accurate device that informs mothers and providers how much breastmilk a baby has consumed and wirelessly shares the data. LEARN MORE

The noninvasive diagnostic biomarker, NECDetect, more accurately diagnoses necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). LEARN MORE

Allotrope Medical is dedicated to increasing safety and efficiency during pelvic surgery. StimSite applies safe electrical stimulation to ureter smooth muscle tissue to trigger visible movement on demand. LEARN MORE

Biosense reads the ECG signal through multiple layers of materials and presents the medical-grade ECG to hospital monitors for patient monitoring applications. LEARN MORE

Zuture™ is a needless skin closure system that is efficient and effective. Better for the patient and the clinician. LEARN MORE

The Blow By Oxygen Foundation is developing low-cost oxygen delivery systems for children and disabled individuals with pulmonary hypertension. LEARN MORE

Provider of a wearable earpiece that monitors blood oxygen levels, OxiWear’s device alerts users when it falls below safe thresholds, allowing help to be called in time for treatment. LEARN MORE

To solve the problems with current wart treatments, we invented the 1st ever kid-friendly and easy-to-use wart treatment. Our product, WartPatch, combines the most effective wart treatment with a kid-friendly drug delivery platform. LEARN MORE

Checkable Medical Incorporated, is an early-stage medical device company developing an at-home Group A Strep test and digital platform, designed for parents to self train, collect a sample and run a strep test from home. Checkable is on a mission to move 25 million visits from the clinic into the home through the uses of FDA cleared over-the-counter diagnostics, telemedicine and technology. We’re creating solutions to help consumers make evidenced based healthcare decisions from home and see a healthcare provider for a treatment plan from home. We know that YOUR and your family’s healthcare, begins at home. LEARN MORE

Raydiant Oximetry uses the principles of pulse oximetry to measure fetal oxygen levels. Raydiant’s solution will provide a more accurate indicator of fetal distress, reduce unnecessary C-section rates, and improve maternal and fetal outcomes. LEARN MORE

A Nurse Practitioner from Texas and an Australian Naval Lieutenant teamed up to tackle the gap in emergency care of Traumatic Head Injuries. HERO Medical Technologies is developing a cap-shaped rapidly applied hemorrhage-control HERO “Smart” Bandage and mobile app that leverages artificial intelligence to automate vital sign and patient monitoring. LEARN MORE

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