Portfolio Companies

Prapela is introducing breakthrough technology that improves breathing, heart rate, and relaxation in newborns. LEARN MORE

Smileyscope transforms medical procedures through evidence-based virtual reality. Our vision is to improve the moments that matter the most. LEARN MORE

ColubrisMX is a medical device company that designs and develops the next generation of microsurgical robotic devices. These state-of-the-art, minimally invasive, microsurgical robots will perform procedures in delicate regions of the body that cannot be accessed by current technology. LEARN MORE

Spark Biomedical developed the Sparrow Therapy System™ — the first FDA-cleared, drug-free, personalized, wearable solution for opioid withdrawal relief backed by evidence from a double-blind, randomized controlled clinical trial targeting patients with opioid use disorder. LEARN MORE

PyrAmes is a clinical stage company developing wearable devices to continuously and non-invasively monitor blood pressure of patients of all ages, ranging from newborns to seniors. LEARN MORE

Brace for Movement! At Thinks Works we changing the treatment for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis with a revolutionary bracing system! LEARN MORE

A baclofen pump is a little machine that is placed under the skin of one side of the abdomen (belly) near the hip bone. It is used to deliver baclofen directly into the spinal canal. The pump delivers medication constantly throughout the day to help relieve spasticity. LEARN MORE

At Insu Health Design, we create groundbreaking temperature-controlled technology based on the belief that all patients should have a simple and reliable means of keeping their medication protected. LEARN MORE

Innosphere provides a novel and clinically proven non-invasive electric brain-stimulation medical device, using its advanced AI optimization algorithms, for personalized effective and safe treatment of ADHD. LEARN MORE

Securine™ is a urinary valve implant for pediatric and adult patients who are unable to adequately control their bladder. LEARN MORE

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