Portfolio Companies

Noninvasix is a MedTech company developing a novel oximetry solution to monitor for the first-time oxygen sufficiency in organs & veins, accurately and non-invasively. We will be first to non-invasively monitor central venous saturation and the severity of sepsis and septic shock, enabling clinicians to diagnose and monitor the response to treatment of tissue hypoxia in real-time. Inadequate organ oxygenation is a major cause of death and permanent disability in hospitals. LEARN MORE

Navi’s launch product is developing the Neonav – a device to assist with positioning a central line in newborn patients. LEARN MORE

Abilitech Medical creates assistive devices to aid those with upper-limb neuromuscular conditions or injuries in functional activities associated with home, community, and work. The Abilitech™ Assist helps people use their arms to live more independently and complete activities of daily living. LEARN MORE

The EyeCP team has designed and prototyped an ultrasound-based wearable device that aims to estimate intracranial pressure.

A wearable patch that continuously and remotely monitors a patient’s vital signs. LEARN MORE

The Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM™) is a lightweight, extended-wear cardiac patch monitor that delivers unparalleled clarity, convenience, and comfort. LEARN MORE

The Central Line Vest is designed to allow you to change without stopping your infusion and protect your lifeline to live your life BREAK FREE! Soft, breathable, and easy to use, our Central Line Vest provides safety for fragile central lines, so you don’t have to limit your child’s activity. LEARN MORE

PATH EX is developing an extracorporeal blood cleansing device designed to selectively remove pathogens, including multi-drug resistant bacteria, and endotoxins from circulating blood. LEARN MORE

MiVUE Health is an ear monitor and app system that allows parents to more quickly obtain a diagnosis for their children’s ear infections and monitor their progress. LEARN MORE

Rhaeos, a company based in Illinois, is trying to bring to market its FlowSense device, a wearable non-invasive patch that looks like a bandage and which can provide data on flow through a shunt. LEARN MORE

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