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Automated Orchidometer. LEARN MORE

Portable Catheter Sterilizer. LEARN MORE

Novel Method to Deliver Apneic Oxygenation. LEARN MORE

Bedside Reduction of Stomal Prolapse. LEARN MORE

Baby Biosignals. LEARN MORE

TrachAlert. Trachalert is a device that is designed as part of a humidifier for the tracheostomy tube. It has an alarm system that identifies decreased airflow and or accidental decannulation of the tracheostomy tube. This is helpful in pediatric patients who are not able to communicate and thereby will help in identifying this emergency more promptly resulting in decreased morbidity and mortality in these patients. LEARN MORE

CurieDX. AI-based remote screening of strep throat for telehealth. LEARN MORE

RxBandz. Rx Bandz created MiniJect®, a transformative drug delivery platform, and the world’s smallest wearable, durable, cost-effective auto-injector. MiniJect® is less than 2.5″ long and designed to deliver a wide range of injectable medications. MiniJect easily attaches to items carried most to increase patient compliance. This technology will be a game-changing solution for children who need to carry injectable medication. LEARN MORE

CathWear. CathWear is a patented & FDA-registered catheter leg bad medical underwear. It is a revolutionary undergarment system for catheters compatible with Suprapubic, Folet, Nephrostomy & Biliary catheter leg bags. LEARN MORE

XN Health. A Phrenic Nerve Stimulation System LEARN MORE

Blow By Oxygen. The Blow By Oxygen Foundation is developing low-cost oxygen delivery systems for children and disabled individuals with pulmonary hypertension. LEARN MORE

Pediatric Acoustic Analysis of Airway and Swallowing Sounds. LEARN MORE

The evolution of the EEG – bringing the electroencephalogram into the 21st century LEARN MORE

Newborn Hearing Screening Combined OAE/Automated ABR Tool. LEARN MORE

Design of a delivery device for a pediatric nasal spray with quercetin nanoparticles for the prevention/treatment of COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Customized Laryngeal Mask Airways for Oropharyngeal Surgery. LEARN MORE

Design of an extracorporeal circuit surface tension and viscosity measurement device. LEARN MORE

Automated Surgical Instrument Counter. LEARN MORE

Green Catheter. LEARN MORE


IUD for Mullerian Anomalies. LEARN MORE

Surgical Lighting. LEARN MORE

Longhorn Life Sciences. Longhorn Life Sciences is a MedTech company whose mission is to develop needs-driven medical technology that will improve patient experiences and outcomes. LEARN MORE

Advanced Optronics, LLC. Advanced Optronics is developing a guidance system for cochlear implantation to improve hearing outcomes. LEARN MORE

INIA Biosciences. INIA Biosciences harnesses the power of sound waves to develop non-invasive, home-administered, and closed-loop medical devices to manage chronic inflammatory diseases.  LEARN MORE

Bead-Wire Dexterity Test Device. LEARN MORE

PFRx, LLC. INIA. PFRx is developing a portable, easy-to-use, affordable home biofeedback device that captures the patient’s attention through gamification to address the goals of bowel and bladder dysfunction in the privacy of the child’s home.  LEARN MORE

Quest Medical – IV Securement. A PIVC hub stabilization device for children under 5 years of age. LEARN MORE

Proof Of A1C. Proof Of A1C encourages lower blood sugar by earning Ethereum. They connect insurance providers and their plan members by creating a smart contract between them. The provider can monitor the plan member’s blood sugar and reward them when they maintain a safe level. LEARN MORE

SyNAPS LLC. SyNAPS LLC is a woman-owned, Colorado-based company launching a line of functional headwear for young children with cochlear implants. SyNAPS headwear supports the performance of the cochlear implant by holding the processor(s) in place, enabling uninterrupted access to sound during a child’s most critical period of brain development. The headwear is patent pending and currently undergoing FDA regulation as a class II medical device accessory to the cochlear implant. LEARN MORE

MediCradle Foundation. MediCradle is a new type of infant incubator that has been designed to work in the challenging conditions of developing countries. LEARN MORE

Markbotix. Markbotix is developing GRACE, a ground robotic assistant for care enablement. It is designed to assist individuals with mobility challenges to be more independent in their environment. LEARN MORE

RT Microfluidics. RT Microfluidics is developing RST which is an at-home OTC saliva-based molecular diagnostic test for Strep Pathogen. LEARN MORE

EnOPrep LLC. EnOPrep provides a sealed system for safely crushing & dissolving solid medications for oral and enteral administration. LEARN MORE

DM1 LLC. Deft Medical allows for easier needle placement in any procedure by tracking the needle position against an ultrasound image in real time. LEARN MORE

Ergo Medical. Ergo Medical is a medical device company dedicated to improving medical technology, specifically for neonates. These small children have historically been the last to benefit from new medical technology. We aim to change this paradigm and develop medical technologies specifically for use in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), with a particular focus on optimized ventilatory management in the neonate. LEARN MORE

Tippit. An umbilical venous access catheter for infusing fluids LEARN MORE

Neuro Solutions Group. Neuro Solutions Group is a digital health company. We develop healthcare technology solutions designed to empower children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their parents. Our stand-alone solution, Kairos, provides parental guidance and helps children develop their skills while monitoring behavior and medication information. It can bridge waiting time for specialized services and be used as a complementary or alternative to medication. LEARN MORE

PortaVision Medical LLC. PortaVision focuses on the unique challenges of caring for fragile, immobile, or remote-location patients that are underserved by traditional mobile C-Arm systems. LEARN MORE

Mendability LLC. Mendability is a digital therapeutics device for the treatment of the core symptoms of developmental delays, including autism. LEARN MORE

Gabi SmartCare. Gabi SmartCare is an AI-powered, cloud-based Gabi platform processes and structures collected data, detects health events, and gives healthcare professionals a real-time, personalized, and predictive health assessment report. LEARN MORE

SpineX Inc. SpineX is a clinical-stage bioelectric MedTech company, committed to improving the lives of people with neurological conditions by restoring day-to-day function through non-invasive neuromodulation. LEARN MORE

RAPID CUFF Project for Pediatric Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters. LEARN MORE

Pediatric Portal Vein Stent. LEARN MORE

Rib-flaring brace for pediatric patients with pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum. LEARN MORE

Improved hearing tests in young, uncooperative, and cognitively impaired children. LEARN MORE

Automated Orchidometer. LEARN MORE

Portable Catheter Sterilizer. LEARN MORE

Novel Method to Deliver Apneic Oxygenation. LEARN MORE

Novel Method to Deliver Apneic Oxygenation. LEARN MORE

Bedside Reduction of Stomal Prolapse. LEARN MORE

Baby BioSignals. Baby BioSignals developed Miro-Baby Sense which can detect markers of motor delay toward early detection of ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders at home. LEARN MORE

MiraHeart. MiraHeart is monitoring early signs of pediatric heart failure by measuring the central venous pressure of pediatric individuals. The goal is to gather more objective metrics for diuretic titrations. LEARN MORE

Baby’s Breath. Baby’s Breath is intended to be used to prevent oral thrush, germs, and bacteria in children’s mouths. LEARN MORE

Face Therapy App. The Face Therapy App provides a therapeutic and interactive game-based experience for patients with paralysis to improve their muscle strength, range of motion, and overall facial function. LEARN MORE

Hoth Intelligence. Hoth Intelligence believes augmented reality will change the future of medicine. They are developing transformative software that improves healthcare for providers, patients, and their loved ones around the world. LEARN MORE

Rapid Warm and Preserve Technology (UT) have developed a device to warm breast milk rapidly and precisely to the temperature of expressed milk to maximize baby satisfaction and nutrient acquisition. LEARN MORE

Momentum Health Inc.Momentum Health is a digital healthcare company designed to scan and predict spinal curvature. Their cutting-edge technology enables patients to monitor spine curvature and track changes over time, all from the comfort of home. LEARN MORE

Atrility Medical. Atrility Medical developed the AtriAmp which facilitates the monitoring and treatment of atrial arrhythmias by providing a continuous atrial electrogram. LEARN MORE

Sonura. The Sonura Beanie was designed to protect newborns from high-frequency & intensity noise exposure in the NICU while promoting neurodevelopment through the transmission of parental audio messages. LEARN MORE

Neonatal Rescue is developing the Neolife Ventilator which is a low-cost and simple solution for short-term general and critical ventilatory care in low-resource settings. LEARN MORE

Earflo Inc. Designed as a sippy cup, the EarFlo medical device is designed to non-invasively treat Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) in order to prevent developmental delay earlier and avoid surgery. As the child drinks from the cup, their nose presses into a silicone mask that delivers a gentle puff of air into the nasal cavity, coordinated with swallowing, to open the eustachian tube. LEARN MORE

Advanced TeleSensors Inc. Advanced Telesensors developed Cardio which uses advanced radar technology and proprietary machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms to sense heart rate and breath rate in real time, sending alerts when an abnormal event occurs. LEARN MORE

Texas Children’s Hospital Fetal Center. The TCH Fetal Center is developing a single-use fetoscope to access the uterus endoscopically for fetal surgery. LEARN MORE

Butterfly Home Care Health Services, LLC. The GoGo Focus is a heart device for ADHD individuals to help access their heart rate and help readjust their focus and attention. LEARN MORE

Periscope. The Periscope aims to reduce the incidence of mucosal trauma during gastrointestinal procedures with the use of a duodenoscope with forward viewing capabilities. LEARN MORE

Anvil Diagnostics. Anvil Diagnostics recently spun out of Rice University and is mining sequencing data to design extremely efficient assays to profile up to thousands of DNA targets. They are focused on infectious diseases given the wealth of available data and highly time-sensitive use cases. LEARN MORE

SMöLTAP. SMöLTAP is an innovative positioning cradle that secures an infant in a consistent position for a tap. The solution is a compelling response to a frustrating need that can improve procedural stress for the infant and team. LEARN MORE

Popitz Sleep. Popitz Sleep has developed a revolutionary and patented line of pillows that utilize the “sniffing position” to maximize oxygenation during sleep. LEARN MORE

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