Portfolio Companies

If you are the lead for a portfolio company and have an updated bio, website, or logo that you would like for us to include, please email us at southwestpdc@bcm.edu. Thank you!

CorInnova is developing the world’s first minimally invasive, non-blood contacting cardiac assist device for acute heart failure treatment. LEARN MORE

PolyVascular’s aim is to transform the care of children with congenital heart disease by developing an entirely new generation of valves made of medical grade polymer devoid of any biological tissue, and extending the time between open-heart surgeries. LEARN MORE

Brevitest has developed a rapid, accurate, and portable immunoassay platform enabling it to offer diagnostics services at the point of care. LEARN MORE

Global Continence LLC has developed a novel technology that intercepts a bedwetting (enuresis) episode with transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) methodology that overrides and curtails the episode with a neuromodulation signal. LEARN MORE

The Strados RESP provides remote patient access by unlocking lung sound data and putting it into the hands of the entire clinical team via the cloud. LEARN MORE

Quickloop is a family of novel abscess drainage devices, designed to simplify the ‘loop’ technique for treating abscesses. It is intended to improve outcomes, reduce provider time, and decrease the cost of caring for patients with abscesses. LEARN MORE

Novonate designs and develops medical devices for the neonatal intensive care unit. LifeBubble protects and secures umbilical cord catheters to reduce the risk of malposition and associated complications. LEARN MORE

TheraB Medical is a medical device company that promotes holistic jaundice treatment by keeping babies in the arms of their loved ones during treatment. LEARN MORE

The BioSense AMD, is a point-of-care, low cost device that works with our proprietary technology to analyze biomarker concentrations in real time. LEARN MORE

LabReady’s Enriched Specimen Transport ™ is the radical new way to diagnose infections faster, more accurately, in the lab, at the point of care, and soon the home. LEARN MORE

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