Goals of the Southwest Pediatric Device Consortium (PDC)

Short Term:

  • Develop and implement strategies that will sustain a productive needs-driven pipeline of new pediatric devices
  • Optimize the regulatory and manufacturing infrastructure within TCH/BCM, Texas Medical Center-affiliated institutions, and the Southwest U.S. region in order to enable pediatric device projects at all stages to progress toward commercialization and clinical implementation
  • Serve as a resource both in the Southwest U.S., as well as national and internationally, for pediatric device development


Long Term:

  • Utilize a multi-disciplinary network of stakeholders at TCH/BCM, and Texas Medical Center-affiliated and Southwest U.S. institutions and local device development partners, as well as the business and investment communities, to provide promising pediatric device innovators with product development/commercialization acceleration, technology de-risking and business acceleration/de-risking services
  • Continue to increase awareness of the necessity for novel pediatric medical device development
  • Utilize academic resources to overcome current barriers to commercialization for such projects
  • Promote the development of pediatric devices that address critical clinical needs through our extensive clinical advisory network as well as direct device funding